I recently finished my masters degree at the University of Stellenbosch. It was in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a focus on telecommunication and ad-hoc networks. My thesis focused on wildlife monitoring.

Currently I'm working as a technician in electronic engineering and computer science for a dutch university. In my free time I practice my hobbies which include computer programming, HAM radio and electronics.

Between my studies and hobbies I do freelance programming. Previous jobs include projects for the University of Stellenbosch's IT department, Library and Engineering Department.

Besides my technical abilities, I also have a minor interest in languages. I can speak Afrikaans and English at native levels, can have a complete conversation with a Dutchman, and when I visit Germany I have no problem in speaking to the people on the street.

Bonne journée,
JP Meijers

Trento, Italië - Mei tot Junie 2015

Soos ek hierdie skryf is amper 'n week verby sedert ek weg is uit Stellenbosch. Vandag is die eerste kantoordag, nadat ons die afgelope dae die stad platgeloop het. Die naweek het ons die stad verken en gister moes ons al die administrasie uitsorteer. Vrydag was ook in Italië 'n vakansiedag.

Europa Oktober 2013

Graphing weather data

For the past few years I have been running a couple of weather stations. The data is logged in a MySQL database and the latest values are displayed on a website. Graphing was done by the proprietary software that came with the weather stations.

Recently some of the weather stations started to give me problems, resulting in my graphing being messed up. I decided to create my own graphs from the data in MySQL. Drawing graphs in real-time from MySQL is very intensive, so a better solution with caching is needed.


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