Ymca Membership Agreement

If, for any reason, my bank or credit card company does not comply with a member project, I find that I am responsible for that payment, plus a $15 service fee, levied by Region Y, and any service tax that my bank or credit card company may collect. By clicking on the mailing below, I have given my bank and/or credit card company the authority to take into account the pre-authorized payments provided by Region Y on my membership account labeled as shown above. It goes without saying that the transmission of a payment previously authorized to the bank or credit card company by Region Y at the end of the payment constitutes a valid notification of this payment, which is due for this affiliation. If the bank or credit card company takes the payment through clearing my account, this payment will be my receipt. If a prepaid payment is not honored by this bank or credit card company if they receive from them, it is clear that the payment must be made by me in the amount of that payment. I understand that this membership will remain in effect as long as I keep the membership card that was issued to me. I also understand that membership dues are non-refundable. Membership cards are the property of the YMCA and must be delivered upon request. All membership records, files, notes, documents and data are the property of the South Hampton Roads YMCA. The YMCA regularly screens all members, participants and guests for sex offenders. In the event of a sex offender match, the YMCA reserves the right to terminate membership, terminate participation in the program and remove access to the visit.

The YMCA of South Hampton Roads strives to provide a safe environment and programs for your families and guests. The YMCA offers exciting and life-enhancing programs that include exercise, travel, learning and sport. However, these programs necessarily present some of the risk associated with them. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure your consent to take these risks on behalf of your own children and all children or other minors for whom you have legal responsibility and to ensure that you know and comply with certain YMCA and other security policies. All membership prices can be changed in writing with a 30-day period. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the YMCA of any change of address, bank account information (if bank project for payment of fees) or credit card information/expiry date (if using the credit card for payment of fees). This is an ongoing membership plan. I guess if I want to terminate or change my membership in any way, I have to give the YMCA 30 DAYS WRITTEN NOTICE. (The member must personally complete the branch membership termination form).) In the event of an emergency, I authorize Region Y to provide first aid by trained personnel and to receive emergency medical treatment for anyone registered on this membership. I cover all costs related to care and ambulance transportation to the hospital emergency room. I receive the YMCA New Member Guide, which communicates all the benefits of a YMCA membership. I also understand that YMCA management has the power to change policies and procedures at all times to ensure the highest possible services for general membership.

Please enter your Y member id (on the back of your membership card or in your app) and your last name. You will then be invited to read our Monroe County Y membership agreement and sign digitally. All members must sign this new agreement before returning to the Y for the first time since our closure due to the persistent COVID 19 outbreak.